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Fehintola DANIELS Fehintola DANIELS

Fehintola DANIELS

  • Family and Abuse recovery Therapist
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About “Fehintola DANIELS”

Fehintola Daniels is a family and abuse recovery therapist, she is passionate about relationships with values and ends in happily ever after.
She is also the lead counselor at Brillar therapy, an organization geared towards restoring family togetherness and family value system. She also serves as the pschotherapist for SosWin Foundation Africa.
She is a catalyst, leader, a certified counselor with specialty in premaritals, marriage, family and abuse. She is trained in neuro-linguistic programming, trauma and abuse recovery (ADII,Lagos)
A voice of the Family, Her sole vision is to see happy homes, homes void of dysfunctionalities. Helping People heal from past painful experiences, emotional and sexual abuse. She helps women achieve relationship successes and help men build family structures that enhances family togetherness.
She runs a group therapy( Overcome Your Pain) an intervention program for the recovery of sexual abuse. Just before you Marry. Amidst other programs.

Offered Services

Mental Health Counselling.
Mental Health Counselling. 1 Service(s)
Mental Health Counselling
Depression & Anxiety 1 Service(s)
Depression & Anxiety
Marriage and Family Counselling
Marriage and Family Counselling 1 Service(s)
Marriage and Family Counselling


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